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I have known Dee Jones for over 50 years. I went to Ellis grade school, Logan Jr High and Logan High school with Dee. I have always felt like Dee was level headed, practical and cared for other people. He is giving and concerned about the direction that Logan City is going. He is not wealthy or a politician just a hard working businessman which I think is the key to his success No personal agenda and wants to run the city like a business My support is behind Dee Jones for Logan City Mayor

Roger Welsh, Associate Broker, GRI | Coldwell Banker Gold Key Realty, Inc.

All you need is five minutes with Dee Jones and you will feel like you've had a close friend for years. And with Dee the feeling is mutual! You will not find anyone more committed and loyal to his friends and family than Dee Jones. And that fierce loyalty extends to his community as well. Dee's love for Logan and his commitment to see it thrive is simply unmatched. I can't imagine many others that you would want in that proverbial fox hole next to you, fighting for what's best for you, your family, and your community, more than Dee Jones.

Scott Garrard

I am endorsing Dee Jones for the next Mayor of Logan City. I have know Dee for more than 30 years. During this time I have had numerous opportunities to serve with and observe his tireless work ethic. I have found him to be very committed and focused on any task presented to him.
Dee Jones is passionate and committed to the future of Logan City and its citizens. He knows how to bridge divisions and bring people together for a common purpose. I think this is evidence by the wide range of people endorsing his candidacy.
As we witness the growth of our towns and communities in Cache Valley, I know we can count on Dee Jones to move Logan City forward.
When it’s time to cast your vote for Mayor of Logan City, vote for Dee Jones.

Jimmy Moore, North Logan City

I have known Dee Jones for over 45 years and have admired his passion for the city of Logan. He has lived there his entire life. His father was a former the former chief of police which gives him some added insight to the politics and the inner workings of the city. Dee is very determined and has tremendous work ethic. When there is a job or a task at hand, he dives head first and will not stop until the job is done. His love for Utah State Athletics for his entire life is unparalleled. I cannot think of a better person to be the leader of the city of Logan.

Kent Baer

After the aftermath of the pandemic and the financial crisis of business closures, unemployment, and now the uncertainty of the irresponsible spending of the Biden liberal party that governs our country... more than ever, local and state governments need a fiscally responsible leader.... I have seen Dee Jones manage a sales district exceeding 60 million dollars and being an exemplary single parent. I wished I lived in Logan, you all are fortunate to have this citizen.

Marco Horsewood

I support the candidacy of my good friend Dee Jones for Mayor. We were both born and raised in Logan and I’ve known him for most of his life. His father, Max Jones, is fondly remembered as one of Logan’s longest-serving and most respected Chiefs of Police.

Dee loves Logan and he understands the importance of putting the needs of the community first. Throughout his lifetime, Dee has demonstrated the natural ability to solve complex problems while also focusing on the big picture and paying attention to the achievement of bottom line results.

I’m confident that Dee Jones would be a capable, practical, self-confident Mayor.

Phillip V. Olsen

I am thrilled to recommend Dee Jones for the position of Mayor of Logan, Utah. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dee for the last 40 plus years and have worked with him on many projects to help further the Utah State Football program where we both are donors. I have been continuously impressed by the knowledge, appreciation and dedication he has for Utah State Athletics as well as important local issues regarding the preservation yet delicate expansion of Logan.

Dee has been a lifelong resident of Logan & Cache Valley with deep roots as his father was a former Chief of Police and his Grandfather was one of the Founders of this beautiful valley. He has a love of the community and University and as such I believe he would be a fantastic Mayor of the City of Logan.

Al Salvo, Former USU Student Athlete | Businessman & Donor

I can't remember a time when Dee Jones was not investing, volunteering or donating to support the many facets that effect the residents of Cache Valley and Utah State University.

As a native of Logan, Utah Dee Jones has seen it all...Meaning the ability to bring to Logan fresh eyes into a new era of prosperity and innovative ideas that will bring change and a new brand of excellence to propel the city of Logan to new heights .

Dee has been a great citizen and as a parent himself understands the growing challenges for families for affordable health care, housing and education as well as the growing seniors population who are retiring at a rate of about 10,000 a day. These citizens who some are veterans others who have been effected by the pandemic downsized or simply laid off. There needs to be someone who has ideas to bring hope and optimism and a mindset of healing and restoration. Because of job decline some need new skills and a reset a hand up not a hand out... Dee is very aware of these issues.

Dee has been an innovator, visionary, and a leader with sound business principles and experience.

Dee is a hard worker he will not waste time but he will roll up his sleeves and get the job done!

It seems that we need more leaders who care, who love their community, and love the diversity of people that are arriving each day. They hear our stories of survival and success and want to experience the "American Dream". Dee will also speak up and stand in the gap for everyone who feels disenfranchised by our politic processes and policies. We need to return to our forgotten pledge of allegiance which so boldly states we are: "One nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all"

I know Dee to be a good man with character and integrity. His support of USU has impacted not only
Utah's economy but former Aggie alumni are changing the world! Thanks to contributors and generosity of Aggie alumni like Dee.

Under Dee Jones leadership you would not only benefit from his vast understanding of the issues that pertain to the growing needs of an expanding population, but also strategically build strength and through core values of service to others, Equal Justice, Freedom, and opportunity for all

If we believe in our constitution
"We hold these Truths to be self-evident,
that all Men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and
the pursuit of Happiness."

Under the leadership of Dee Jone's honesty, integrity, fairness and justice will always take into consideration all points of view including the forgotten voices. It is time for change that fuels unity, opportunity, progress, honest communication and into a future of goodwill and prosperity!

Dee Jones for Mayor!

Rick Parros